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Patriot's Pointe - Co Invest

Millions of Americans can invest in multifamily apartments and now you can too!

At US Residential we believe all accredited investors should have equal access to institutional ­quality multifamily residential 
real estate investment opportunities as a means of portfolio diversification and wealth creation. 

US residential Fund is currently completing due diligence the property at Patriot's Pointe, North Carolina. Once this completes and contracts of sale are in place, US Residential will seek to issue the public offer documentation required to effect the Patriot's Pointe Syndication. 

  The documentation will seek to make available to accredited investors from around the globe access opportunity to subscribe for units in the Patriot's Pointe Syndicate. 

Using the latest crowd funding technology, and underwritten and invested in by us, we are on 
track to provide institutional grade direct multifamily syndication investment opportunities, which will be closely followed 
by a diversified Multifamily Income Fund opportunity for consideration in your diversified investment portfolio.

We underwrite and pre-fund every investment 

We believe in the quality of our investments so we pre-­fund each one with our own balance sheet before 
offering them to investors. As co­-investors, this means that our money is in the same position as yours. 

Sourcing – Multifamily entrepreneurs present project details to our underwriting team 
Screening – Initial screening is undertaken to ensure the project meets our investment criteria 
Due Diligence – Detailed analysis of project, market, management, legal and financial components is undertaken 
Funding Commitment – The investment is approved and funded up front by US Residential


Add US multifamily apartments to your diversified portfolio 

Take advantage of this new opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio with the addition of US multifamily residential apartment investments with targeted average cash returns of 8%, and targeted average annualised returns of 14 to 16%. 

Join US Residential Fund's multifamily syndications to gain access to institutional quality multifamily investment opportunities and invest directly with US Residential Fund and some of the nation’s best multifamily entrepreneurs. 

There are no fees to join or invest so all of your funds are put to work earning returns. 

Consistent cash distributions, paid every month 

The Fund’s primary objective is to provide investors with a low ­volatility income stream of consistent, 
attractive cash distributions generated from multifamily real estate investments. 
Cash distributions are expected to be paid monthly. 

Easier access to US assets, increased transparency 

Using the latest online technology US Residential fund is able to offer multifamily investment opportunities to a global pool of investors directly. The Fund is able to pass on the benefits of increased efficiencies in investor processing and investment communication which allows us to provide access to this exciting US asset class with greater simplicity, 
and provides you with greater transparency. 

Using technology to capitalise on small market inefficiencies

Using technology to reduce the costs of operating a traditional real estate investment fund allows us to focus on a
greater number of smaller to mid­ sized transactions; a segment of the market under­ served by large institutional investors. 

By capitalising on this market inefficiency, US Residential Fund is able to seek superior risk­ adjusted returns for investors.

Our redemption plan gives you liquidity each quarter

While the Fund is meant to be a long-­term investment, we recognise the importance of having financial flexibility so we've developed a redemption plan that allows investors to sell their shares back to the Fund on a quarterly basis, 
subject to certain limitations.