The Fund

US Residential Fund (fund) is listed on the ASX. It is an efficient structure designed to take advantage of the strengthening US residential rental market.

The fund is transforming its business from purely a passive investor to a fund manager that co-invests alongside third party investors who subscribe for units in property syndicates offered by the fund. 

The Fund expects to receive cashflows from investment management activities to be in excess of those offered through passive residential property investment in the United States.

The fund has secured Patriot’s Pointe in North Carolina which it intends to make available as a co-investment opportunity in to accredited investors through an asset specific property syndicate

Key Highlights
  • Yield play on the strengthening US residential rental market
  • Currently own 140 houses in Texas, Georgia and Ohio
  • Significant growth potential in yield and NTA on introduction of fee income model
  • Simple, transparent, ASX listed stapled security with annualised distribution of $0.06 per stapled security
USR is uniquely positioned to execute on the syndication model:

Strong balance sheet
  • Key to securing properties for syndication 
Established Partnerships
  • Multifamily sourcing avenues established 
Strong US legal and banking relationships
  • Operating structures and licenses 
  • Offices located in Dallas and Melbourne 
  • Acquisition agreements in place to internalise asset and property management 
  • Syndication framework and vertically integrated financial model established 
  • Management team with over 100 years of real estate syndication experience 
  • Board and senior executive expertise in underwriting of over $1 billion property acquisitions 
Executive team in place with significant multifamily & single family property management & operating experience. 

Use of Funds
  • Purchase of an A-class property in a growing market with high occupancy
  • Actively co-managed with local partner
  • Structured to be tax efficient for both foreign and US investors
Investment Metrics – Post Transaction

Investment Options
  • Apply for all or part of your rights entitlement
  • Apply for additional stapled securities
  • If you are an institutional investors you can apply to participate in the placement
For more Information


Stapled securities holders call: 1300 737 760

Institutional investors call: +61 3 9602 4001



Distribution - Reinvestment Form Click here to download a copy