Dividend Reinvestment Plan

US Residential Fund (USR) has opened its dividend and distribution reinvestment plan (DRP), which will assist with the funding of USR's ongoing asset acquisition programme. 

Under the Plan:

  • Participation is voluntary;
  • Investors can participate in the DRP for all or part of their security-holding;
  • There are no fees, brokerage or other transaction costs for Stapled Securities issued under the Plan;
  • Holders can join, withdraw, or vary participation in the Plan at any time;
  • Stapled Securities acquired under the Plan will rank equally with existing Stapled Securities; and
  • Stapled Securities may be issued at a discount to the VWAP over the Pricing Period.

Under the Plan, USR will determine the Pricing Period and any DRP Discount that may apply.

To be effective in respect of an Income Distribution, the DRP Form must be received by the Registry no later than 5:00 pm ten (10) Trading Days prior to the Payment Date for that Income Distribution. Any instructions received by the Registry after this date will not apply until the following Income Distribution.

Investors can elect to participate in the DRP by completing the Application Form or by contacting the registry on 1300 653 459 or at admin@usarfm.com

A copy of the DRP rules (Plan) can be downloaded here